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A message about our founder:

Along a multi-year journey for health maintenance and restoration for herself and her husband, Jane Hill, a career nurse practitioner for 30+ years, discovered a world outside of the traditional medical system to which she had devoted her entire adult life. This refreshing, new world was one which embraced healthful life choices, awareness of one’s own wellness needs, and effective, natural, and innovative modalities to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

As most people do, Jane and her husband have both faced health issues of varying severity, and, also as most people do, their first line of defense was to turn to traditional medicine, which often left her wondering if there might be a better way, a way that might lead to better management, and maybe even prevention, of many of life’s ailments. She began to expand her thinking. She started thinking “outside the box”. She searched beyond the healthcare system she knew and loved.

Her journeys led her to realize there was indeed a whole other way to do health. She met innovative doctors and practitioners. She learned about oxygenation, PEMF, IV vitamins, red light therapy, bio energy, nutrition, and more. And most of all, she learned that she had to take action. She had to use her new-found knowledge to help others. She was inspired to bridge the gap between self care and acute care.

Thus, Balance Infusion & Wellness was born.

We are a Birmingham-based wellness center providing cutting-edge technology and services designed to guide and assist people looking to obtain balance and well-being in their lives. Balance Infusion & Wellness seeks to partner with individuals on their journey to a better life.

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